happy happy springtime

maura has a flower for you

Happy first day of Spring, everyone! (or Fall down there in the South.) Yippee! I can tell you without a doubt, this is the happiest I've ever been about the arrival of Spring. Old age is making me lose my tolerance for the cold. And it's a beeeea-utiful day to boot. This is Maura. She's in my shop today along with a few other goodies. And don't forget the Welcome Spring Sale ends Saturday.

Is there not a single Willy Wonka fan out there? Anyone? Seriously? No?


Anyway, I promise next week I'll stop hounding you to buy things. It's going to be gift week for me. I have gobs of gifts to make including a wedding gift, a hostess gift, little girlie birthday gifts, and a few baby gifts. (Um, Angela? Is Milo off to college yet? I swear I'm still working on his present.) I'm calling it a week. Even Brian has the day off tomorrow. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! Much love to you all.