gifts for the trip

Jennifer, hey there! Jennifer M. Yes you. How are you? Are you ready for us? We're excited to come. Now, please avert your eyes. wink.

gift .1
gift .2
gift .3
gift .4

We're taking a little trip to Dallas this weekend for a wedding. (Brian's cousin- he's great and so is the fiancee. Good people, they are.) Anyway, we're staying at Brian's sister's home and we're excited to see all the cousins and have a little mini-vacation.

I've been busy yesterday and today getting some gifts ready to take with us. Gift 1: The host(ess) gift. For Jen and Scott for letting us stay with them. Gift 2: An outfit for an almost 4 year old. The Earth Day baby in the family. Gift 3: The wedding gift. I pulled this painting out of my shop for them. I intended to make another, but time ran out on me. The good thing is they are the kind of couple who will really appreciate a piece of artwork instead of a random houseware. They are cool like that. Gift 4: A bunny treasure box for an already 6 year old. Oooops.

Now I've got to finish packing bags. We're leaving at the crack of dawn. Before dawn really. So I'll see you next week!