doin alright, doin ok

another cute one

Hello, friends! We're fine here, how are you? My dad will call soon and say, "You haven't updated your blog in awhile." I know. There's so much to see and do and make and not quite enough hours in a day. I'm sorry if I seem quiet. We've been busy playing soccer, cooking, reading, enjoying the slow unfolding of Spring, takingphotographs (always!), studying spelling words, building a fancy closet (more on this soon), helping out at school, working in the yard. You know- making lists. And checking things off lists. All the while watching children grow at lightening speed. Good stuff- Exhausting stuff.

I still have several long overdue baby gifts to share and some ideas to bounce around. I'm planning a shop update soon, maybe around the 21st, if I can eek out time to work on some of these new ideas. I hope you're all doing well. Take care, my little cabbages.