a sad tale

fujica: here I go, hannah.

of the little Fuji that couldn't. I dearly love my digital Canon, but lately I'm feeling film envy. It's Hannah's fault- she's too good. So I asked my mom if I could borrow her packed-away camera (+ several lenses), and I crept over there a few weeks ago and swiped it. Adventures in film? Here I come.

When I removed the lens to blow out the dust there was all this black crumbly stuff inside- disintegrating foam light seals- and then I opened the back and there was more black dust. I inserted two tiny batteries so the light meter would work, but it didn't. Damn. I left it at a recommended camera repair place for an estimate, and yesterday I picked it up. Unrepaired. The old fellow at the repair store was so cute, "It's really is a great old camera. Vintage." Vintage was his word, Mom, not mine. I swear. "All I can do is encourage you," he said.

Now it's not a HUGE amount of money, but it's a decent amount to us. The cost of me staying at home with the kids and only working part time is a very limited budget. My film adventure has come to an abrupt end. Fooey. Well, I do have a perfectly fancy digital camera and this Fujica isn't really even mine. He told me he'd honor the estimate for several months should I change my mind. I wonder if supporting this little old camera fanatic's (who judging by his tiny, dated, NO-frills shop is certainly frugal himself) store is good way to stimulate the economy?

Ok. Enough bellyaching. Let's all have a nice weekend, shall we?