the new closet rocks

it's fun getting dressed

Hello, friends! Hope you are well.I mentioned last week what we've been working on. A strange sitting room dangles off our bedroom. I suppose it was a sitting room, but for us it was a junk magnet room. It's cold in the winter and hot in the summer and we had the brilliant idea to close it off and make it a walk-in closet. A big FANCY closet. It's so nice. I'm going to put thin curtains on the closet side of the French doors, so you don't see all the stuff, but for now, we're just enjoying standing outside admiring our work. And by our work, I mean Brian's. (kiss, kiss.) My only official job was to make and hang curtains to keep the direct sunlight from fading our clothes. So... thanks, mom for delivering your old curtains and rod, totally perfect in size and ready to hang. (hug, hug.) I've never been so excited to put away laundry or get dressed in the morning. Oh, and I haven't had a full length mirror for a couple of years. Why didn't anyone tell me my jeans are almost all too short?!