nothing says happy earth day...

happy earth day

like poking a nesting goose in the butt with a stick. Or wasting a big batch of homemade yogurt, which were two things that happened. (don't worry- we told the boys to stop poking!) Thankfully, I don't have bad seasonal allergies, but yesterday I woke up with itchy eyes and the sneezles, so I took a Claritin. I was in a sleepy fog all day. I made a batch of yogurt from my favorite local milk and left it on the counter to cool... all night long. I'm blaming it on the allergy. I'm not feeling at all sniffley today. Perhaps I'll attempt another batch.

We're planning something special over at the Noticing Project next week. Heather and I want you to Be Our Guest. We're betting you are noticing some fantastic things these days. Please share them with us! And lastly, we (especially N) was thinking about you yesterday, our favorite little Earth Day baby. You're really not much of a baby anymore, huh? Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Maybe we'll Skype you later.

Take care, friends!