happy monday

good (monday) morning

to you! I have a great feeling about this week. A pessimist by nature, I try really hard to stay positive, but some days trying isn't necessary. One deep breath and I know it's good to be alive. Can you feel it too?

Noticing Project photographs are appearing in our mailbox. Hooray! Read the details here if you'd like to play along, but just to clarify: we're asking for ONE photo apiece, no more than 450 pixels wide. But listen now. If you don't know how to resize your photo, please don't let that stop you. We can resize if need be. We usually post over there in the evening, so if your image isn't up immediately, don't be discouraged. Check back in the morning and you'll see it. THANK YOU for playing along and viewing all the lovely noticed moments!

Also, I'm planning a Shop Mayfly update next Tuesday, May 6. I'm going to work hard this week to make it happen. I hope you might take a peek that day. Have a great week, nice peeps!