random thoughts

sick feet

on a friday afternoon:

  • nice weather is much less scary than stormy weather.
  • no flower in the world is better than a lilac. i'm sure of that.
  • the Noticing Project is officially 33.33% finished. some days I just sit and look at the archive page. it makes me happy. your Guest Week photographs are amazing. THANK YOU.
  • my sweetie is sick. home from work sick. head in the toilet sick. poor thing. and tomorrow is our eleven year anniversary. bummer. (the sick part not the eleven years part.)
  • tuesday's Shop Mayfly update is still on. it will be sewn items this time- artist totes and a few new things too.
  • george w. sent me a check. so i'll be stimulating some old-camera-repair-guy economy now. yippee!
  • i'm hoping each of you has a wonderful weekend!