and it was all going so well...


That's life for you. I had a pretty tight time line set for myself to get all my shop items done and photographed by tomorrow. And SURPRISE! Both kids woke up screaming in the middle of the night- J with the stomach flu (same virus as daddy?) and N with a cough and high fever.

SO if you're looking for me, I'm the one in my robe, with green snot on my shoulder and vomit on my slippers. I'm looking pretty. For now, as much as it sometimes pains me, I'm mommy first and artist second. That's what I signed up for. I'll let you know soon when the rescheduled update will be. HOPEFULLY before the week is out. See you in a day or two. Love and good health to you all. (p.s. free motion quilting is like drawing with thread. cool.)