desperately seeking a better week


So last week was really strange. Poor little N was not herself. A bad cold + the stomach flu + a wheezing cough + a prednisone intolerance = one crabby kid. There seems to be a twinkle in her eye this morning and a tiny bit of cereal in her tummy, so we're hoping for a better week. (she's trying to feed a baby bunny.)

I had more than a minor meltdown on Friday. My mom swooped in with a plate of spring rolls and a shoulder to cry on. Then my in-laws arrived and dear Maw Maw lovingly took over a great deal of the cuddling, nose wiping, and coaxing to eat of the sickly girl. Moms are so good. Thanks, my moms, for rescuing me, another very fatigued mom. I love you both.

Lifting my funk further were a lovely evening at the carnival and a Mother's Day brunch with the whole family here at our house. And the rolls. Of course, a big batch of cinnamon rolls never hurt anyone. Things are on the upswing. (waiting to be frosted. yum.)

I'm still planning my shop update, but I'm going to put it off until Tuesday, the 20th. I have several things in various stages of completion, but I really don't want to stress over it this week. I just want a nice quiet week to regain our mental and physical health. You guys take care of yourselves!