long weekends are good

mud slide
muddy butt

Saturday morning we stopped in for a little visit with HeatherThe apron looked adorable on her. Her studio is INCREDIBLE. It is big and airy and was lovingly built by Matt. And Emily- that chair is even better in person. I got to see my favorite (larger) painting of hers. J spent the entire visit in the garden eating strawberries straight off the vine.

Then we went camping with friends. The weather was beautiful- a little windy but that was fine. The kids played and swam. And slid around in gooey mud. Lori (and kiddos) stopped by the campsite to say 'hi.' She's so sweet. J wouldn't even talk to Aidin. But as soon as she was gone, he was asking for her to come back. We had to cut the camping short. A big storm was coming. We headed home Sunday night instead of Monday. It felt odd to leave while the weather was perfect. But it rained most of the night so we were thankful. Wet tents are always miserable.

Now the washer is chugging away. The laundry is almost done. The camping gear is put away. Summer vacation officially starts for us this Thursday! I have TWO quilt squares to photograph and mail off. Come back to see photos tomorrow. And two baby dolls are in the shop today.