alexander and I are buds


Hello. Yesterday was officially a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. I did something really STUPID and now I have to send my beloved camera off to be repaired. It's damaged and it is my fault. It put me in a horrible mood all day, and I was mean to my babies which made me feel guilty, and then I had to have my teeth cleaned (which is no biggie, but it could quite possibly be the least relaxing place in the world.) I made dinner late and everyone was crabby and as I sat down to eat with them, I cried my eyes out. And they looked at me like I was nuts. So to cheer myself up even more, I balanced the checkbook.

Just typing about it all now makes my eyes fill up with tears again. So silly. Well, I guess now is my chance to try out film. I never had the old Fuji repaired, but my good friend Jamie let me take over the care and feeding of her Canon Rebel- which is very cool because the lenses are interchangable with the XT. I shot this roll of film last week, and I'm terrified to take it in. What a dope. And we're going to have to get creative over at the Noticing Project. We're working on that now. I'm going to limp along with the digital camera a few more days because I need it this weekend. Some very special visitors are coming... I'm so excited. I am SURE that will cheer me up!