thank you, film. for cheering me up.

There's just something about film. A shallower depth, a hazier quality, a different kid of focus? I can't put my finger on it, but it's there. These three are a few favorites from my first roll of film. My girl in a flowered dress. I was hoping for five good prints. Out of 24 there are maybe 10 that I love and 5 that'll do. The rest aren't so hot, but that is fine by me. The film was expired- I dug it out of the bottom of a drawer. It's at least three years old. It added some unexpected color to a few and a lack of color to others.

One roll and I am hooked. This could be a pricey addiction, so I must take it slowly. I started a Film set at flickr, so if you're interested you can monitor my progress. Can't you hear all the old school photographers laughing at us, as each of us re-discovers the beauty of good ol' film? I can.