may I have...

hello, film.

... a moment to myself?please. (name that 80's movie.) Well, my dearest and beloved digital camera is all packed up and ready to ship to Canon for repair. May she have a quick and painless journey. This is the film Rebel that my friend gave me. I have a roll of slide film in there now so I can try out the magic that is cross-processing. I can not wait to see the results. I have to really restrain myself from blasting through the roll haphazardly. Two more good things about film: slowing down and feeling the anticipation.

We're trying a little something new at the Noticing Project for the few weeks my camera will be gone. I'm excited and a little nervous, and we hope you'll enjoy it.

One last thing, I'm going over to my shop right now to discount the bags and the apron still available. They're doing no one any good just hanging unused in my studio. Have a great week!