cross processing is magic

hy-vee peaches
i need my umbrella, mom.

Oh my. Cross processing is good. Very good. The super-saturated color. I love it. But it's good in the way that a very rich chocolate cake is good- with its super-saturated flavor. I must practice a little restraint. I think I need to shoot a few rolls of regular film before I try it again. So, how does it work? I asked Hannah about it ages ago and then talked to Rachel. And this is the gist: you shoot slide film and then have it cross processed into prints. That's all. It works the other way too (print film into slides) but who has a use for slides? Not me. Most of this roll has a nostalgic Summer in the Suburbs feel which of course got my wheels turning about a photography project for myself. So, I'll be quietly working on that.

And speaking of projects, there's another one in the works with some ladies that most of you know and love! Come back Monday to hear about it. Have a wonderful (holiday) weekend!!