echoes (tired smile.)

walnut by walnut

We're tired today. This little worker has a fever and kept us up in the night. Good thing there was something exciting to get me out of bed this morning! It is thrilling (and a relief) the way you have responded to the change in the Noticing Project while my camera is off enjoying her little spa vacation. And when someone says we've inspired them? Well, that's just incredible.

So when Emily and Rachel got their wheels turning about an online journaling project loosely inspired by the new twist over there, I jumped on board. Of course. Please stop in and visit Echoes: a Collaborative Journal. Emily, Rachel, Heather and I will be posting entries nearly every day in July and August- little tidbits of our days, moments that inspired us, the thoughts swimming about in our heads- all in different media but all with images and words. Sometimes my entries may be related to my NP pieces, sometimes not, but I'm excited to keep the energy of the new NP vibe flowing even after things are business as usual over there again.

Oh! And won't you join us? We've created an Echoes Flickr group, so you can post too. I can't wait to see your journal entries! Happy Monday. I'm off to snuggle my warm boy on the couch.