what a nice vacation week


was it ever... sigh.

We had a wonderful trip. We camped with friends the first few days then by ourselves in a very quiet campground a few days more. We don't exactly rough-it, but we're not afraid to get dirty (and a little stinky!). It was perfect. We swam every day. We saw bugs and a turtle and raccoons and bald eagles (oh my!) We hiked. Mid-week we ate a nice meal with Heather, Matt and Rachel in town. We hung around in the hammock. We stayed up late laughing. We went to bed early yawning. We cooked over the fire. We hated to leave.

Home for several days now, we've been moving in vacation time. It's been so nice. I love my little family. The camping photos are all film, but I'm thrilled that my digital camera is finally home. The Noticing Project will now return to regularly scheduled programming. And I'll be back posting journal entries at Echoes. Happy Monday, my good friends. Have a great week!