sweet zoe

so little
last day
guest of honor

I'm breaking my no-kid-faces rule, just for today. Our little friend Zoe has been coming to our house every Wednesday for years. She's the daughter of one of my best friends in the world. This photo was one of the first times she stayed. For a while if you asked her who her brother was, she'd say J. They really are the best of friends- all three of them. When we go out and about, people often comment how much "all" my kids look alike and how cute they are together. Instead of explaining the whole thing, I often just say, "Yes. Thanks!"

But time flies, people. It really does. Heading off to all-day kindergarten next week, today is her last day here with us. We had a little lunch party in the backyard with friends, grilled hot-dogs, cake, chips, cookies, and water play. I told her she was our guest of honor. She said "Oh, Leeshie, I'm not a guest here." Of course not, sweetie. They are in there now, watching "Night at the Museum" and playing and bickering like siblings. We do love her so.