hooray for long weekends

under cover

A sudden storm rolled through yesterday evening with a heavy downpour and thunder and lightening. (And a rogue overhead crack of thunder at about 9 pm that sent Brian and me both scrambling off the couch away from the big speech to check our trees!) And there was cool air on the other side. In August. Who'd a thunk it? The grass here is still green green not the usual crinkly lifeless brown we see this time of year. Strange and all together fabulous.

I am so very much looking forward to this long weekend. The week kind of got away from me, so I have a long list today to accomplish. Things to wrap up and ship off. A bit of cleaning. A couple of errands. Maybe some baking. This household has a hankering for sitting outside and relaxin'. (Yo, Rach. If you find yourself bored, hungry and/or lonely, head over.) But first, I am going in for another cup of coffee and to sneak some peach cobbler for breakfast. If you have kids, you know what I mean. HAPPY WEEKEND!