renegade apple picking

renegade apple pickers

We have been watching these apples grow. We've monitored and tasted them. Unsure about the variety we wondered when they turned a bit pink, and now they've started to fall. We borrowed my mom's old apple picker and filled a big canvas bag. Sounds quaint, huh? Now imagine the scene with carn horns and gobs of traffic, an office park to one side and a major parkway on the other.

Here's the thing. This tree? This tree is not ours (um, don't bust us, please) and it is on land that probably belongs to the city. No one maintains, sprays, prunes, or eats from this tree. Obviously. It's on an embankment at one of the busiest intersections in our neighborhood. But this family MUST NOT let this fruit go to waste. And wouldn't you know. Right on cue, the weather today is cool and rainy and now we MUST make an apple crisp. (and when it stops raining, take a walk down for more apples.) Maybe Fall won't be so bad.