a long list day


about which you may or may not care to hear. ; )

A long-time mural client asked me to girlie up this sweet little table and chairs. Of course N wanted to test its tea party compatibility. Her verdict? It's good. Real good.

I've got the Fall cleaning bug. We cleaned out the garage Saturday. My car fits in there again! I cleaned out the pantries yesterday only to discover a lot of my rice and pasta was infested with tiny little black bugs. Ick. So now I need to go to the grocery store too. The station wagon is full of Goodwill items, which means a quick stop inside that store as well.

BUT the financial guy was here yesterday which always prompts me to tighten things up the purse strings even more, so I must be careful. Yes. VERY careful.

The bathrooms are gross. They need a good cleaning.

And what to make for dinner- always problematic. Although yesterday I made a big batch of biscuits and gravy and cut up some fruit. Now that was a nice, easy comfort meal. Good thing that pesky cold and lethargy is gone. My to do list keeps growing and growing!


Yesterday was Echoes day. I think it's a good one- go see. And don't miss this interview with Heather. She is the sweetest, most hardworking artist (friend) I know.