old(e) is good


Thrifted books from 1963 that I picked up yesterday for a quarter each. They're very olde time (and that is pronounced oldee timee.) Normally I don't even look at the mess o' books, but these were in a neat little stack off to the side and I couldn't resist. I behaved- they were all I got. Maw Maw (Brian's mom) got this pumpkin dress at the Scholar Shop where she volunteers. It isn't all that well made but it is handmade and I like that. Plus it's so darned cute on her. I wish I had the pattern. I'd make her a few more. Buying second hand makes my heart happy. 

p.s. Several of you asked about the "financial guy" that I mentioned yesterday. I think I might do a little quick post on that soon. It's a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is kind of thing. ; )