good morning, morning

good morning friday

Happy Friday to you! Yesterday I was feeling oddly weepy. Then someone did something sweet for me, and it made me weepier- for totally different reasons. But today is a new day! I had a good night's sleep and a tasty breakfast with hot coffee. It's Friday. I have a stack of things I'm working on. I have that sweet surprise to look forward to. The weather is amazing. Friends are good; life is good. I had this crazy friend in high school named Merrill. Every Friday he would hop up on the table in the ceramics studio and holler, "Woooooo Hoooooo! It's Friday!" And then he'd dance around up there to this song. It was the best, complete with that "we're young and invincible and it's nearly the weekend" feeling. I have just a bit of that feeling today. I'm off now to dig out my old scratched up Steve Miller Band cd.

Happy Weekend!