best. mail. day. ever.

saturday mail

Yesterday we were out in the driveway with some friends and a handful of little boys having a "Popcorn Stand." The mailman came by while I happened to be inside and handed J a big stack of mail- bills, letters, junk mail- the usual stuff. He told him he'd be back. Bless his heart, the little guy thought he was coming back to buy popcorn, but instead he brought me these.

Look at that! All in one day! The top one was some adorable hand-me-downs from Jennifer and Katie to N. The middle one was packed full of fabric, a craft book, and activity books for the kiddos from Melissa. The bottom one came from a reader named Rane. She emailed me one day to ask if I'd mail her a copy of the smocket pattern and look what she sent as a thank you- a HUGE box of fabric.

THANK YOU, ladies. You blow me away.