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artist aprons
wrist warmers

Every stitch of laundry in the house is done and put away- and I didn't do it! My library fine magically disappeared. Nine(!) sets of holiday card photos have been taken for friends, edited, mailed or delivered. The holiday shopping season is nearly upon us. There are some new items in my shop. (see how I worked those things in together?! wink.) My wrists are toasty warm in my new fingerless glove/wrist warmers from Erin. (she sent TWO sets. thanks, Erin!) One extra artist apron is on its way to Erin and another to Lisa. Maw Maw, Brian's mom, was here for several days, but now she's gone home. (now you see how all these things above happened, don't you?!) Chicken soup is simmering on the stove. Halloween costumes are hanging upstairs in the hallway, almost ready. The very last collection has been posted at echoes. Echoes is on hiatus until the new year. These things are on my list next: catch up on VQB squares. an overdue birthday gift for my niece. Sheeesh!

Did I mention Maw Maw was here?! It's amazing what difference a little babysitting can make.