because I love a good list

treat from a friend

Well then. Hello there. That was a good day! Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful birthday wishes. As we were climbing into bed last night, I told Bri, "It makes me really really happy to have so many friends and family tell me happy birthday." It makes me feel loved. That is a great feeling.

Here is my list for today:

  1. Fried eggs are so yummy. I ate two this morning. (and that's really unlike me.) 
  2. I have really good friends.
  3. A few of my bestones are coming over tonight for homemade pizza.
  4. I'm starting on my handmade Christmas gifts. a. making will increase. b. sharing will decrease. (hello, peekers. you know who you are.)
  5. I vow to make this skirt for myself for the holidays. Time to hunt down that magazine.
  6. I hope to make this dress for N for the holidays thanks to another good friend.
  7. N says really cute things: a. "look mom. those leaves are waving goodbye to the sky." b. "now there's something you don't see everyday." c. to her teachers- "guess what. my brother is allergic to me." (huh?!) d. "mommy. you are my best."
  8. Brian is taking next week off and we're starting in earnest on the basement. This means: a. some minor-ish construction. b. A LOT of painting. c. some tile work. d. finding and installing a new bar sink and faucet. e. more painting. f. laying carpet tiles. (local peeps- the ReStore has really high quality, good looking FLOR-ish carpet tiles right now.) g. a couple of cool art projects. h. driving around town entering every contest for a flat screen t.v. we can find. We (Brian) really wants a "big-ass" television down there and we for sure don't have the money. Think that will work?
  9. I won't be around much next week because of list items 8 a-h.
  10. If I find time, I might try to submit a couple of photos to the s t i l l : body challenge over here.
  11. Be good and have a great weekend!