another tuesday, another list

always with the lists

Poof! Where'd Monday go?It's a brisk but sunny Tuesday morning here. How is it where you are? I am making a list as always. It's a little bit pitiful when two of my list items are to make more lists (grocery and christmas lists). Hmmmm. At least these lists help me feel more organized even if I'm not.

The basement is moving along slowly but surely. We're painting now. There was more construction and prep work than expected, which is of course to be expected. You'd think- 11 years and two houses later- we'd have learned that lesson.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving so today's list includes brining the turkey and making my grocery list. And making pumpkin muffins, but that's just a treat for us this afternoon. : )

I always make something for my kids for one of their Christmas gifts. J wants a tee pee. I have big plans, but I'm wondering how to transport 7' dowels to St. Louis for Christmas without giving it away. N wants a crown. At least that one is pretty easy.

I think this may be all you see of me this week here- it's cooking and cleaning and kids out of school time. Happy Thanksgiving to you! (Eat a bunch, k?)