what's going on?

summing himself

Here's what I've been up to:

  • Discounting items in my shop- 20% off until December 19th! And I pulled the dolls- there's just no way I could get them finished and shipped before the holidays- sorry.
  • Doing a little Christmas shopping- I (ahem) talked to Santa on the phone to make sure he and the elves could make (ahem) a remote control aircraft carrier that really floats. By golly, he can. I know for certain he can make an ironing board with an iron. ; )
  • Making some gifts- still designing the teepee in my head. It's going to be quite a challenge to construct that on the sly.
  • Doggy sitting.
  • Digging out the holiday decorations- found the advent calendar one day late. Oh, well. We'll do two fun things one day.
  • Playing Monopoly- known here as Ponopoly. The game that never ends. He sure does love it, though.

I hope you're up to something fun today!