the end of the week and a big secret

virtual quitling bee: september
virtual quitling bee: october
virtual quitling bee: november

Even though I'm home during the day, I still do love a good Friday. I caught up on my Virtual Quilting Bee squares yesterday. Hooray! I was feeling pretty guilty about them. September people. That's how far behind I was. You can click through to Flickr to see details about the squares and the group if you'd like.

The house is still clean which makes the livin' eas(ier). It was one of my big goals last year to keep the house more "drop in" ready. And we did well. Some of my friends (you know who you are) will say our home is always clean, but oh how wrong you are. I'm a SLOB at heart. I kid you not. Ask my mom. Ask my college roommates. But we have found the secret to keeping it clean. I swear. Are you ready? It's the 20 minute power tidy at the end of every day. After the kids are in bed but before we plop down on the couch, we BOTH (and that's an important part) spend 15-20 minutes putting all the stuff away that found its way out during the day: toys, dishes, laundry, papers, books, mail, the list goes on and on. If we work together, it's so much quicker and makes life more peaceful. It even makes the next morning go more smoothly. And I can handle the vacuuming, dusting, mopping more quickly if there's not so much stuff to pick up. If, for whatever reason we don't do it, the next day always starts off badly.

So that's it. That's the big secret! I am just positive that we are the first people ever to discover this. ; ) Anyway, it's Friday and we have some fun plans for the weekend plus we're getting further on the basement project all the time. Happy happy Friday, friends.