I have a problem


A really big problem. Ask Rachel. She laughed at me today. "You and your goat cheese," she said. I know. I had eaten it in restaurants, but until about a year ago, I had never purchased it. Now I am utterly addicted. I made a quiche with spinach sauteed with a little garlic and goat cheese. It was yummy. I almost bought a ready-made crust and then I read the ingredients. Ick. Fully hydrogenated lard. Partially hydrogenated lard. And lard. All three on the list. I had no idea there were so many types of lard. Crisco isn't much better which is what I always use for a crust, but oh well.

And also I have a frugal cooking tip for you. If you can catch your bread at stale, maybe even just beginning to mold but before it begins to resemble a 7th grade science experiment, you can cut off the tiny bit of mold and chunk it up. Toss it in a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of seasoning salt (or sea salt and pepper or ranch seasoning or parmesan cheese) and toast in the oven to make very tasty homemade croutons.

That is all. Perhaps I'll "see" you tomorrow. Ciao.