spring flowers

yellow and white

Hello. Yesterday I was sick in bed all day long with something fast and furious. Food poisoning maybe? I just can't think of much questionable I could have eaten. But just so you know, I have the absolute BEST husband in the whole world. I feel bad for the rest of you. Wink.

I'm MUCH better today, but I have that weak feeling. Sort of hungry, mostly not. Very thirsty and in a daze. Brian told me this morning that it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I just checked the weather forecast and their saying 8-11 inches?!?! Seriously?! I've been frantically cutting all the daffodils in our yard and putting them in vases. It is very cheerful in here. I'm hoping the best for the flowering trees and our lilacs and raspberries. Please come back Spring. (Have a great weekend!)