tis the season

kid season has started

for carnivals : last days of school : end of year picnics : end of year shows : field day : first dinner on the patio : first breakfast on the patio : first romp in the sprinkler : first day to wear shorts to school : last game of the soccer season : baseball season in full force : icees : smoothies : homemade popsicles : farmers markets : big salads : fires on the patio : waiting for fireflies : sleeping with the windows open : hearing owls in the night : new flip flops : swimsuit anxiety : claritin : the smell of sunscreen: the smell of bug spray : sandy toes : dirty, dirty feet : spilled bubbles : everyday baths : tired kids : tired mom ::

I was trying to explain to them that it is so fun to have children, because it means you get to relive all the thrills of being a kid. They looked at me like I was crazy. Someday I bet they'll understand.