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on a walk

HELLO, my name is Alicia. Remember me?

I got a little Holga for Mother's Day, and I'm smitten. Here are a few of the photos from the first roll, because all posts must have pictures. Surely you have noticed I've sort of lost my oomph here at the blog. I'm still around- working, taking tons of photos, and making stuff. I just often feel like I don't have much to say. School is about to end for the summer, which means even less time for staring at screens (which is a good, good thing.) So I have a few things to run past you.

Agenda item 1: I'm contemplating taking the summer off blogging. Or cutting way back. Maybe post weekly photo recaps. Would you all be completely bored I made it a word-free zone around here for a couple months? Would you click that dreaded unsubscribe button? I, of course, am still a full-fledged Flickr junkie. And here's why: It's like blogging on speed. My friends are there! There's inspiration galore! Less words! More images! And there are conversations! I tell you, peeps. It's the place to be. Anyway, no matter what I decide, I'm always over there if you want to check in.

Agenda item 2: I want to restock my neglected shop, but I have found in the past if I bust my butt to get sew up a bunch of stuff and then it just sits there, it is very discouraging. SO, my question for you is- What shall I put in it? I've thought about making it all custom orders, perhaps personalized pillows, artist totes, work aprons, etc. But if the item isn't sitting there ready to go, is it still appealing? And how long is a customary length of time to wait for an order? Two weeks?

Agenda item 3: A shameless plea: Please don't forget us over at the Noticing Project. We miss you. Our stats feel tragically low and comments are too. We'll keep snapping whether anyone looks or not, but we'd really love for you to come along for the ride. So that's it. The weather is perfect today; I must get back to putting laundry on my line.

Thanks in advance for your advice! xo.