yikes, blueberries.

her best one

You all know how I feel about the local food. I've been wanting to pick blueberries for years, and I've heard a lot about this place. So this morning I checked the picking report, woke the kids up early (8:20, people. I love my late-sleepin' babies.) and we headed out. Now don't get me wrong. The farm is large and lovely and there's a lot for the kids to do. But oh man. It was crowded. I mean CROWDED. Crowded at 9:30 am. Crowded like 2 bus loads of children and maybe 100 cars. Crowded like if you find a bush with lots of ripe berries, keep your mouth shut, your head down, and pick quickly.

More than once I saw people giving each other the stink eye for honing in on their bush. I suppose I'm just used to the quaint goodness of my favorite strawberry patch, peach and apple orchards. This was a crazy mad house. mad farm. You get the picture. Anyway, my kids didn't find it very enjoyable, but it was a long drive so we toughed it out and filled a few buckets.

And on the very bright side, we're looking forward to blueberry muffins, cobbler and maybe even blueberry ice cream!