making lists

making lists

Hello, friends!

Before I talk about the lists, I want to mention one thing. Please go over to Echoes for a visit. Today we asked Martha to be our special guest. You just HAVE to go over and see what she created. It is amazing. She talks a little more in depth about it at her journal. I'm going to try to talk her into selling me a print. Think it'll work? : )

Now, back to my lists. We are getting ready to take a little camping trip and I decided to make a master list to print out each time we go. It took me awhile to think of all the stuff we usually take, but it will be good to have in the long run. And maybe we'll avoid a few of those last minute impulse buys once we get there! (ie: "Oh, crap! Where's my jacket... my swimsuit... my flashlight... the lantern fuel... ?! Come on, I think I saw a Walmart back in town.") While I was at it, I went over to Erin's site to download her adorable packing list for kids. But I decided we needed something just a little more specific to my kids. So I took a bit of time and drew them up a list of our own. J is definitely old enough to pack his bag, and N and I can do hers together. I think this idea is just brilliant!

I am a list maker. Lists everywhere and for everything. I know some of you are too. Lists really help keep a creative mind more organized. So for your downloading pleasure: Erin's smarty-pants packing list- it's in her sidebar! Rachel's most excellent hivework list. No nonsense Action list at supafine. The Project Girl: daily planner, weekly chore schedule, menu planning forms. Awesome "freakin to do list" (with "dreamy blog topics list") from Vale Design. Ha! Not to mention MANY at Etsy! I especially love the owls.

Bye bye now!