the last couple weeks

the injury
climbin & pickin
tom likes pie
no title necessary
after pool smoothies

Tended to an injury. That's nine stitches if you're counting. Well, Maw Maw (Brian's mom) did lots of the tending- I mostly marveled at how fast kids heal.

Hung out with friends and ate their yummy food and ice cream made by my sweetie.

Went to the lake with just grown-ups. Drank some beers. Played in the water.

Picked peaches. TONS of peaches. (Note to self: if you let your children pick over a bushel and a half of peaches, it will be expensive.) Ate peaches. TONS of peaches. Baked two cobblers and a pie for a guest.

Said goodbye to habit. Realized what a wonderful place those ladies have created. Felt thankful to be a part of it.

Hosted lots of out-of-town family for a weekend, and then the girl and I headed to St. Louis with them. Did lots of fun St. Louis-y things. Rode the train home and found ALL of the laundry done. (Thanks again, sweetie.)

Bought school supplies, ordered a new backpack, got the teacher letter. Listened to the boy call everyone he knows to figure out who got who. Dried a few tears. (His two best friends are in another class.)

Spent a long afternoon at the pool. Slathered on sunscreen but realized they are still getting awfully tan.

Came home and made smoothies. Added rum to the second batch for the grown-ups. Decided wrap-up posts like this make me really think about all of the good things in my life and forget all the mundane and frustrating things.