my day yesterday


Yesterday was the little one's first day of extended preschool. From 9 am until 3 pm I was all alone. Instead of working (I'll work next Wednesday- I already have a mural scheduled.) I planned a day out on the town.

I went to the Nelson-Atkins. I rarely go. I'm not sure why. That's not true. Two small, squirrelly, squealing children. That's why. But yesterday for two and a half hours I walked around and soaked it in. Alone and unrushed it was a completely different experience. It was a misty, foggy day and it made the time feel more important. The air was thick and still. It was quieter than usual outside. Walking around inside I realized there is a complete lack of odor which somehow helped me sink into each artwork. But when someone would walk by me, I would be flooded with their fabric softener and perfume smells, and it would snap me right back. It was an interesting sensation.

Even the busload of rowdy teens that arrived calmed and quieted entering the Bloch building. Where they warned ahead of time? Or is there something about entering a space like that just makes them feel a reverence for the artwork, their surroundings, the experience itself. I prefer to think the latter. I left feeling refreshed and inspired- to make art, to look at more art, to find a way to attend some of the programs and events they offer. I may have found a first-day-of-school tradition!

Next was a lunch date with my sweetie. We ate at The Filling Station. I asked him how long until we can move to the city. Fourteen years he said. Ah yes. I stopped at my favorite thrift store and got a pair of navy chinos for $1.50. Then I went and met Rachel at Panera for an iced tea (she had coffee) and we talked and laughed until time to pick up our kids. I think we scared away at least one little old guy. Sorry, little old guy!

I hope you can find a day similar to this soon. It was most rewarding.