I paint murals

baseball mural

But you knew that. The thing is, it's really fun. Seriously. People pay me to paint on their walls! Come on. How could it not be?

I recently (yesterday! while the little one was at extended day preschool!) painted a mural for a nice little family, and the dad had a great idea for his son's room- nearly life-sized and stylized baseball players. I had the wrong lens on my camera and it was difficult to get a good photo, but trust me. It looked good. At least I thought it did.

Sometimes I leave a job when the clients are gone. I tidy up, take a couple photos, and lock the door behind me. It makes me a little nervous every time. So last night after a really long day for all of us that ended with small, exhausted, whiny children finally closing their eyes, Brian checked the answering machine and there was a message from that dad. He LOVED the mural. "No need to call back," he said. "I just wanted to tell you how pumped we are that this room looks so amazing. I really love it. Thank you." That right there is the absolute. best. part. of painting murals. Wait. Maybe the second best. When the kids are really excited about their mural? Yes. That's the ABSOLUTE best.

Oh yeah. I also updated my main website, themayfly.com, last weekend. It's not drastically different; it's just freshened up and I added a page for my portraits. I updated up a lot of the photos and the about page. So if you're inclined, go poke around.

It has been a busy, busy week for us, and blissfully there is nothing on the calendar for today. We have clean laundry, a lasagna and rice krispie treats in our future... I'm betting this is all you'll hear from me this week, so have a great weekend!