grey wednesday


It's cold today, and I can't seem to warm up. Apparently, I'm feeling crabby. Today is my alone/studio day. I've started about 5 things but finished nothing. I'm having trouble focusing. (duh.) Our school officially has the h1n1 flu. One of our 1st grade classes had 4 people in it yesterday. A couple of Kindergarten classes had barely a few more than that. It seems to be minor in most of the kids, but one of J's best friends had to be hospitalized. He's ok now. My kids have had the vaccine. I hope it helps. I've just about decided to get it myself when it becomes available.

It has been rainy for days. Our furnace is acting up. Shall I send it to time out? It's book club night, so that will cheer me up. We read this book. It was a little worthless but suspenseful and really very good. It was just what I needed to read. I have lots and lots of portrait photo shoots coming up, so that is good too. I'm going now. I need something warm to drink.