I couldn't leave up yesterday's crabby post for another minute. So here is one about walnuts: It doesn't get cheaper than free or more local than in the front yard, and you know how I am about the cheap and the local. BUT none of us like walnuts, not a one. This year we've got a bumper crop. Brian told the kids he'd pay them a dollar for every (5 gallon) bucket they'd fill. I think they got up to something like $15 before they lost interest in the money. And these three here aren't included in that. And there are so many more still on the ground or clinging to the tree. And they turn your hands brown. And twist your ankles and then laugh at you. Ok, maybe they don't laugh. But they definitely taunt. One year a nice little fellow stopped and asked if he could take them. YES! But he hasn't come by this year.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?