good morning!

german chocolate breakfast

Hello! How are you? I'm enjoying a little breakfast chocolate cake this morning. I don't have much to share, but I've been missing stopping into this space once in awhile. We're all just fine- still too busy- but that will slow down soon. Of course I didn't get the stuff ready for my shop, but there's always hope for this week. : ) I have begun thinking and planning and making for holiday gifts. Maybe if I start early it will help keep our holiday season more peaceful. Brian and I have decided that we have hit critical stuff level. He's taking the day off tomorrow and we're having Great Clean-Out Day 2009. I'm making assignments and writing lists. We're borrowing my dad's truck. There will be trips to the ReStore and Goodwill to make donations.

I am giddy! (I'm really easy to please.) Well, take care. I hope to start squeezing out some time to post again once in awhile.