desperately seeking sanity

quiet monday morning

Good Monday to you. It's quiet here this morning. I just finished eating an egg while listening to the cold rain fall. So we had a terrific weekend. There was a birthday (ahem. yes, mine.) and it was fine. Very fine in fact. My goodfriends came and we ate pizza and salad and laughed and they gave me gifts! Heeee! The rest of the weekend was filled staying inside between cold and wet soccer games and filling our tummies with grilled cheese and tomato soup and a homemade chicken pot pie.

Things are finally slowing down for us. It has been holiday family photo season for me, and of course I love it, but the photo shoots on weekends and then the subsequent hours of editing combined with the slurry of events this time of year have made me want to streamline things around here.

Thus, Great Clean-Out Day 2009Have I mentioned before how the accumulation of stuff makes me crazy? And crabby? Well it does. A couple of times a year, I feel the need to purge. BIG TIME. And oh boy does it feel good. Here's what we did: We made long lists. We assigned ourselves rooms, areas, closets beforehand. We filled the crock pot with chili in the morning so we wouldn't have to worry about dinner. Brian took a vacation day, and although both kids were home doing their best at coughing up a lung, we set to it. We were brutal, people. If we don't love it or use it, out it went. Bri took a truck load of stuff to the ReStore. We took 2 truck loads of stuff to Goodwill. (Did you know they don't take toys anymore?! We didn't. It took a little research to find a place that does.) As we finished a room, we dusted and vacuumed.

The results are great. The toy cabinets are clean and organized. All of our clothes are sorted and fit. I can actually find things in the linen closet. There are still a few things to do- my assignment for today is the studio/office, which really isn't too bad anyway. Things are running more smoothly. Keeping up with the clutter has been easier. It's simpler for the kids to clean up their own stuff too, now that everything has a place. Shall we start taking bets on how long it will last? You know what? Let's not. Let's just be optimistic.

Have a great week!