trying my best

starting a tiny quilt

I'm single-handedly trying to keep economy in the pooper. Just kidding. Sort of. I've started making my handmade gifts. I keep hearing on NPR about how spending is up a bit and consumer confidence is rising, blah blah blah, but I don't get it. I'm certainly no economist, but isn't that how we got into this mess to begin with? All the overspending? I want my friends who have lost their jobs to find great new ones, and I'd love things to improve for my own small business. But as a simple (also cheap) girl in a very consumer world, I'm just going to keep doing my thang this holiday season and cross my fingers for the economy.

The biggest blessings are not things. No one can argue with that. My kids get three gifts each year- one from Santa, a purchased one from us, and one Mommy-made gift. I have a great idea for N's handmade present. And J says he just wants me to make him some warm jammies. Sweetie pie. With all the toys from cousins and grandparents they always get MORE than enough.

We've started thinking about simple family activities for our advent calendar. N has requested making gingerbread men because she says "gingerbread tastes sooo good in the winter." She's right. And I want to make some more lanterns around the solstice. On the 5th we'll go get our tree from here. We got a cedar last year, and although it's not the most traditional species, it was just fine for us. We really had fun with it last time.

It's our year to stay here at home this Christmas. I look forward to a slow and easy holiday season, full of love and good food with friends and family and enjoying simple pleasures. And I am wishing the same for you too, my friends.