catching up

handmade gifts: child size lap quilts

Oh well hello there! It sure has been awhile since I visited this place. How are you?

We took a trip to St. Louis for an extended Thanksgiving vacation and soaked up plenty of family time. And the phrase "family time" here means children running amok while the adults eat, drink and laugh about things they find on various internet-phone handheld devices. (We're enjoying Lemony Snicket lately, can you tell?) A side note: when we were leaving St. Louis, J whispered to his grandpa, "I liked waking up early and doing the crossword with you, Da." Isn't that boy a peach? It wasn't the zoo or the ice skating or the carriage ride through the lights or even running around with his teenage cousins. It was a snuggle and a crossword puzzle with one of his favorite people. Melt.

But being away for a week, even when the visit is just about perfect, makes us very thankful for home. We human animals do love that sense of place we make for ourselves, don't we? J was so happy to sleep in his own bed and N was glad to see her own toys. They have played so well together the last day and a half and everyone has been sleeping like rocks. Rocks on sleeping pills. I was so happy yesterday to drink coffee out of my favorite mug with my best creamer; it was extra delicious.

I finished these little lap quilts in a hurry to deliver in person and avoid the shipping. I was really happy with them. My nieces requested I do something with their outgrown beloved pjs. You can see the finished quilts better HERE and HERE. They were little, maybe 2 1/2 by 3 feet, but quilted crinkly on the front and soft flannel on the back. My mom gave me a helpful hint. If you want to work knit fabrics into a quilt, all you have to do is iron on a little thin interfacing to the back and the stretch/no stretch issue is solved. Thanks, Mom! So we're already done with presents for that side of the family. Teenage boys just want a little cash in a funny card, and Brian's parents had a long list of around-the-house repairs that they wanted done. Ahhhh. The gift of a super-handy son. The gift that keeps on giving.

So now we're settled at home for the season and happy to be thinking about Christmas decorations and activities.

p.s. I'll be back tomorrow with some cooking questions for you, so please be ready to dig through your recipe boxes for me.