thank you & the project coat

I could kiss every single one of you. Thank you so much for your freezing suggestions. I am going to sit down this weekend and pick through recipes and websites and make a menu plan. I'm planning on Monday for my prepare-a-thon day, so maybe Tuesday I'll let you know what I made and perhaps post a nice consolidated list of recipes and resources. Thanks again!


And the coat. Ah yes. I saw this coat at the Anthropologie website (via Erin) and I have been a little obsessed with it. I'm glad I swiped the photo (which they seem to encourage these days!) because it seems to be gone already- it didn't get very good fit reviews. It is so stinkin' cute! As I do with lots of expensive clothing items, I thought, "I could probably do that."

the project

I ran across a coat at a thrift store in St. Louis. It's a little bit swing-ish, wool from Saks, has a nice big collar, and was under $10. My sweet mother-in-law looked at me a little sideways and said, "You don't really want that, do you? It's an old lady coat!" I explained that it's a project coat. And she should just wait and see. I looked through our stash of old wool sweaters and found some that might work for the sleeves. I also think I'll go buy some new buttons for it. It may not be exactly the same style or color, but I have high hopes. Whatcha think? Will it be cute?!