the goods

for niece #1
for niece #2
handmade gift: restaurant set
handmade gift: warm jammies (as requested by the boy)

This year it seems, I made fewer handmade gifts than usual. We're just being more selective and deliberate with gift giving in general. So in my opinion it's good every way I look at it.

First the p.j. quilts for my nieces in Texas. I explained these here. These two girls still get a big kick out of my handmades, so I will of course keep making for them as long as it tickles them so.

Next is N's mommy-made gift. This child loves to play restaurant, so I made her a little chef's hat, 4 little checkered dinner napkins, and 4 very empty laminated menus. She can write all the items on with a dry-erase marker and use them over and over. It all goes really well with her daddy-made kitchen and her purchased gift, a little wooden cash register. And just so you know, she likes to serve chicken and milk shakes.

Last is J's gift. Last year his gift was the tough one, but this year his was a breeze. He asked for warm jammies. I whipped up a pair of flannel pajama pants and bought a long sleeve thermal t-shirt (from Target) to go with them. Done! 

I still have a little painting to finish for my dad, the poor thing. He's been begging for a painting of his beloved (deceased) rooster for over a year, and I promised him I'd do it. He's patient like that. : )