it's official

icicle sculpture

I'm stir crazy. It's our second snow day in a row. It's deadly cold out there. My car is in the shop (for something minor) but I doubt we want to brave the frigid temps anyway. I have been feeling that old February fatigue creeping in early, so I'm making a strong effort to stay positive. I should be working, but my office/studio is the coldest room in our old house. When we turn on the space heater and any one of the following: tv, the space heater downstairs, the other tv, the iron, etc., it trips a breaker. I'm getting a little behind on some work projects, but oh well.

To fight it off the funk today I have: slept late cuddled my little people built an icicle sculpture danced and sang with N read a book and now I do believe it is time. Time to bake a chocolate cake. Indeed. Stay cozy.