two thousand ten


20-10. Twenty ten? No, I prefer the long way. I wanted to set down a few things l'd like to do this year, personal wishes to fulfill (love that Rach). I'm not really a resolution maker, but I do love a good list, so here's where the twain shall meet.

I will try to... Get involved with the arts again- go to the Nelson for lectures, attend openings, First Fridays, go to some more of these events, reconnect with artsy folks I use to know. Find my film mojo. Oh, mojo... where are you??? Frequent estate sales in hopes of finding a dusty, forgotten old etching press that no one knows what to do with, buy it for a steal, give it some tlc and get going. (What? Yes it could. It could happen.) Explore my city. Take the cameras along. For everything I buy at the thrift store, send something out of the house. Wear more skirts. Grow something. (other than tomatoes.) Can something. (maybe tomatoes.) Teach the girl to read. She is oh-so-close. Help the boy learn to organize and be more responsible for himself. Start to get a hold on my one big health issue- persistent migraine headaches. Stay focused. Keep it simple. Follow through. Finish old projects to free up space (physically and mentally) for new ones.

There. That's plenty. Until soon.