the little red dress

the dress

Brian and little N have plans. There is a Daddy-Daughter Valentine's Ball to attend. There will be dancing and snacks and little girls in fancy dresses. When we explained it to her, I thought she might burst. Every morning she asks if it's the day of the dance. And then sometime later in the day she hollers, "NO! I will NOT _______!" (fill in the blank with any small request from us) and slams a door. Then we threaten to take the dance away. (Bad, bad parents.) But who are we kidding? You know she'll get to go.

I have sprung into action in my way- styling the outfit. It's a Christmas dress from her cousins. I think I'll change it up just a little- maybe a pink ribbon sash instead of the tulle, remove the flower from the dress, and perhaps make a flower for her hair or her wrist. I started hunting for fabric flower ideas found some great stuff:

• I LOVE everything in this store, including that adorable Emerson.

These have a nice tailored feel. I think N might need a headband in navy blue. And then I need to make her a little natural linen sundress to wear it with, yes?

• I've been admiring one of these for myself for quite awhile. It could hide a hole in a little cashmere cardigan I have.

Pretty. And speaking of links, these two have nothing to do with any of that but make me smile:

This photo. Ahhhhh. I may be responsible at least half of it's 1200+ views.

• OK. This one is cheesy, but SO funny. If you were into grunge at all (we were), watch this *song*Ohmygod. Brian and I watch every once in awhile to cheer up the day.

Have a great weekend.