girls vs. boys

all ready
the sweets
baseball cake

The kids both had their friends over for their birthday parties this weekend, and the differences were pretty funny. She had a tea party, and he took a few friends swimming at the community center then headed back here for cake.

Her: Fancy table with dainty snacks. Sipping tea & eating heart shaped sandwiches. Chit-chat. Good manners. Him: Swimming, sliding, dunking. Whooping, stomping, crazy nerf gun war, ganging up on daddy.

Her: Hello Kitty craft kits, Barbies, flowery headbands and necklaces. Him: Nerf guns, flying helicopters, Nerf balls, more Nerf guns.

Her: Pink cake, chocolate covered strawberries. Him: Baseball cake (again), ice cream with chocolate sauce.

Her: Little girls in dresses calmly painting tea cups, giggling, playing with dolls. Him: Fart jokes, planning the cuss words they'll be able to say when they're 18, tackling, hording "ammo", taking prisoners.

Her: Three gentle little breaths to blow out five pink and purple curly candles. Him: One giant wolfish puff to rapidly extinguish all nine crayon candles.

Me: Dog tired. (Hope you're having a good Monday. We're laying low, watching it snow, making soup.)